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I've been giving some though to running for president.  If I decided to run, my platform would be simple. I would do two things to fix our country:

  1. Take money out of politics.
  2. Get people to talk to each other.

When I mentioned my platform to Peter, I added that I hadn’t done anything bad enough… He finished my sentence “to qualify me”.


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Arnie Kanter


In a surprise announcement this morning, presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, announced his choice of little-known Massachusetts Democrat Judy Kugel as his running mate.

"Judy fits exactly what I've been looking for," said Trump. "First, she's a woman and, as I've said, there's no greater friend of women than me. If you're looking for a woman, Straight Judy is a helluva lot better choice than Crooked Hillary, you can believe me on that one. And she's even older than Grandma Hillary."

"By selecting a Democrat, and a Jew, at that, I'm just showing once again how I'm a unifier. I'll be a president of all the people, not like that Kenyan failed president. Everybody loves me."

"When I learned that Judy wanted to take money out of politics, l said to myself, 'Don, that's just what you've been saying. Candidates should not grovel for money to people to whom they'll be beholden, but should just use their own.' And her point about getting people to talk to each other is all me, too. I've done nothing but talk to people, constantly. Doesn't matter whether I have anything to say."

"I realize that Judy doesn't have much name recognition, yet, but I'm just taking a page out of John McCain's playbook in selecting Sarah Palin. Nobody knew her, either. And I can make anyone I want famous, I promise you."

"So, Judy, welcome aboard. Together, you and I, the Kugel and the Mogul, will make America great again, Baby."


What a radical idea, a candidate who hasn't done anything bad enough to qualify! I've been on the lookout for a write-in candidate and I just found her!

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