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It’s been a long time since we gave birthday parties for our children. And the rules have changed.

The pediatric wisdom in the 1970’s limited the guest list to the age of the child plus one. For those who are math challenged (as I am) that would be six kids for the fifth birthday. Nowadays, if you don’t invite everyone in the class or play group, you are in trouble with the party cops.

Back then kids played games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. At the most exotic parties, there would be a clown or a magician. I recall Seth in cape and high hat playing the magician’s role at his brother’s fourth birthday party. Now there are bouncy tents, visits to indoor pool complexes and I don’t know what else.

So, imagine my trepidation when I decided to give a birthday party for Seth and his two best high school friends the other night. One friend was in town from California, one lives here and Seth was visiting from New York.

I decided to forego the party favors. We did have candles, but only the two gracing our dinner table. Instead of kid-fare, I made a dinner party as if I were entertaining President Obama. Wine flowed. Conversation was of the grownup variety.

But still, it was our kid, his friends and a birthday party.  


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Look forward to your columns each week. They always impart laughs, inspiration, and wisdom. Thanks for your delightful blog, Judy!

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