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Our Crate and Barrel Culture

Persian rugs aren’t doing well. There’s not much of a market nowadays for these works of art, often a year in the making. And when the artists who make them die, they are not being replaced by the next generation. It seems that people don’t care about handmade quality anymore.

Well, I don’t own a Persian rug, but I do have an opinion on this subject.

It looks like my generation might be the last that cares about fine china and crystal, well-made furniture and rugs, and other things that we inherited from our parents and grandparents. Our kids don’t want their grandparents’ china or silver. It’s just too much trouble.

Our children belong to what I call the Crate-and-Barrel generation. Things aren’t made to last any more. And that’s fine.

It’s just different…


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Still the Lucky Few

Well, it may be fine. But it still pains me to see those values slipping.What I see in stores today (and in houses of younger people) are things that look good when they are new, but quickly decrease in attractiveness as they are used. The biggest worry about this is the increase in the number of things that are thrown away, adding to the junk in our garbage dumps.

Audrey Mitchell

I agree. I have china, furniture and quilts that I knew my offspring would love to have but before I can complete my sentence, they are vigorously shaking their heads.
Im going to sell (or try to), give away or donate them now because I'll know they will end up in the dumpster after i'm gone.

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