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Just an Ordinary Friday

We’d had a busy week. Our son Seth’s visit involved lots of activities (all of them fun). On Tuesday after he left, we attended a conference and on Thursday evening, we went to a book party. So on Friday we took it easy, Peter and I each in our “office”.

It was cloudy when we took a late afternoon walk in nearby Mt. Auburn Cemetery, followed by a glass of wine on our patio when the sun finally appeared. Everything was green. Our peonies were bursting from their buds. Birds were devouring the berries on our trees. And our bunny friends ignored us as they chomped on our grass.

Later, watching the evening news, my eyes filled up twice—first over the joyous tears of a little girl whose birthday present was a doll with a prosthetic leg just like her own, and the second over the annual montage of graduation speeches, ending with the moment the U.S. Naval Academy’s Class of 2016 threw their hats into the air.

Most of all, I was appreciating Peter. So grateful that we have this time together.


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