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Car Talk

In 1965, I bought my first car, a bright-red VW beetle. I saved the $1739 check I wrote for years. Last Friday, fifty-one years later, I bought what will likely be my last car.

It made me pause…

The car we traded in was eleven years old. It had lots of dents, scratches and memories. It probably would have lasted as long as I will, but just in case we might have to buy a new car some day, why not start enjoying it now?

It has a few bells and whistles that our old car lacked. You can see what your backing toward and you don’t have to peer through the steering wheel to see the speedometer. It has Bluetooth which is very cool.

But to me, a car is a car. It’s to get from here to there.

Still it’s fun to see a shiny new car sitting in our driveway


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