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Bat Wings

Put this in the category of “Now I’ve heard everything!” According to The New York Times, it will soon be possible for doctors to use hyaluronic fillers to fix upper-arm skin that hangs like bat wings. (If you don’t know what hyaluronic fillers are, you probably haven’t worried much about those ever-deepening facial lines left by a lifetime of smiles.)

As a vigilant observer of my own increasingly imperfect body, I rushed to the mirror, took off my shirt, and had a look. Alas, it’s true. The skin on my upper arms isn’t as tight as it once was. But bat wings? Not yet.

I will continue lifting weights because I think exercise slows down the inevitable. But for a solution that’s easier (and cheaper) than hyaluronic fillers, I think I’ll just stick with long sleeves.


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Still the Lucky Few

It's funny now, but do you remember 'bat-winged' sweaters, and 'bat-winged' dresses and coats? Who knew 'bat-wings' would be transported to our arms!

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