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Learning from You

Writing blog posts for 70-something twice a week allows me to reflect on what’s happening in my eighth decade. My hope is that by sharing my thoughts about my life, I am helping others think about theirs.

But I benefit in another way. I learn from you.

Last week, for example, I received a lot of great suggestions for TV series to binge-watch while I knit the yellow pillows I couldn’t buy anywhere. Last fall, when I complained that I couldn’t find gray wool slacks with a waistband north of my belly button, a number of you suggested good potential sources. I heard from a dozen of you within hours of my Thursday post wishing for the return of fuss-free entertaining, agreeing that we should bring back “dropping in.” And I could go on…

So I want to use my 881st blog post to say “thank you”.


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Thank you! I love your blog.


I just found your blog and I am so glad that I did! I look forward to following you !

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