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The other day we visited a friend, more like family, who is on a tough journey called “cancer”. But this is not about that. What it is about is that it was just—a visit. There was no cooking involved. Although drinks were offered, water sufficed. It was four people, good friends who love each other, chatting and laughing like old times.

And that got me to thinking. Why does getting together have to be a production? Why do we have to choose between having someone cook a fancy meal and going to a (too) loud restaurant? What happened to just dropping by?


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Karen Bobrow

I completely agree. Where has the simplicity gone? Come to my house for a cup of tea after lunch or a glass of wine--- or water-- after dinner. I feel that the invitation often does imply a meal which makes me avoid initiating these gatherings altogether.

Still the Lucky Few

By thinking we have to provide food and fuss over guests, we are denying ourselves the precious visits of loved ones. I've always felt that. Yes, we should bring back the custom of 'dropping in'!

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