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The Forty-Four-Year-Old Kid (Con't)


Over my career, I’ve had many job titles including founder, director, counselor, and dean. In the 1970’s, I was even president of our short-lived game company. But I am really excited about my new job title.

Trained as a counseling psychologist, I’ve always loved helping people to discover and pursue their passion. People who do that now are called “coaches” and in my newest pursuit, that’s what I am.

I’ve met three times with my first client who is a young woman middle manager in a growing non-profit. Her CEO has identified her as a person with great potential, and they want to invest in her. I get to help her along the way.

She is a welcome addition to my “I only do what I want to” retirement agenda.


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Well done ..both of you benefit from such a mentorship. Your wisdom is being put to great use.

Still the Lucky Few

Congratulations! Your new client will be in good hands. I'm always happy when I see retired people find a passion, and it sounds like you have found yours!

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