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I had three tear-my-hair-out experiences last week. Allow me to vent.

  1. Three months ago, when Peter had his blood tested at Quest Diagnostics in Florida, he gave them a referral from our health plan. On Tuesday, we received a bill because our insurance company had “rejected the claim”. Except…Quest had sent it to the wrong insurance company. When I called them to straighten out their mistake, I was put on hold for forty minutes. When I finally got to a human, she told me that they would submit the claim to the correct insurer, but it could take months to straighten it out.
  1. The same day, I had to call Sarasota Memorial Hospital because Peter’s doctor wanted to see a CAT scan taken there in January. This time it was only thirty minutes on hold before an apologetic woman told me they could only send the report if I printed out an online form and mailed it to them. No clue about when we might expect the CAT scan.
  1. Moments later, our mailman delivered a bill from Sears for a service visit to repair our clothes dryer. They were unable to fix it because the part that had failed is no longer available. We paid the repairman before he left and have the credit card charge to prove it. Yet Sears billed us for the visit on a Sears credit card we didn’t know we had.

I managed not to tear my hair out. This time.


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Arrgghhh! We have all experienced this and come very close to tearing hair out. I am glad you were able to get things straightened out in the end though.

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