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The Forty-Four-Year-Old Kid

Our forty-four-year-old son Jeremy has a responsible job. He and his wife Katrina own a house and a couple of cars. He’s a great father to our grandsons, nine and twelve.

But how many forty-four-year-olds can boast of having eaten an apple a day for a thousand days—his first self-imposed challenge? For his second he endured a “meatless September,” not easy for a hamburger fanatic.

He’s about to finish his third challenge--eating in the hundred most successful U.S. restaurant chains.

Which is why his family, my sister-in-law and I were squashed into a rental car in New Orleans last week. Jeremy needed to knock “What A Burger,” his ninety-eighth restaurant, off his list. No matter that we were in Louisiana and “What A Burger” was in Mississippi. This was the closest he’d come to one. No matter that we were scheduled for a five o’clock swamp tour in Louisiana and we didn’t get to “What A Burger” until after 4:00. But we made it (with only three calls to the swamp people to say we’d be just a little late). No speeding involved; a ticket would have slowed us down. You can see Jeremy’s selfies in front of ninety-eight of the restaurants here.

The next day Jeremy challenged twelve-year old Leo to walk 30,000 steps in a single day as measured by their Fitbits. After trudging endlessly all over New Orleans, those two “kids” marched up and down our eighth floor hotel corridor to get those final couple of hundred steps. You had to see it to believe it.

What makes a grown-up be a kid inside? No idea, but I loved being part of the fun. Looking forward to spring break in 2017? You bet.


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