My Brother Bill

Men Don't Ask

It’s not news that men don’t like to ask for help. Before the advent of GPS and Google Maps, getting Peter to ask for directions at a gas station when we were lost was an exercise in futility. I get it. It’s a male thing.

So when we were looking for alternatives to cable because our bills were skyrocketing, I was the one who asked for help from our neighbor Jean who, unlike other octogenarians, doesn’t have to ask ten-year-olds how to work her electronic devices. Jean had happily cancelled cable. I asked her how she managed without it.

Jean invited us to her home for a demonstration of cable-free options, and we followed her advice. The other day, when she came over for a thank-you glass of wine, she mentioned that she watches shows she enjoyed on cable via YouTube.

Good idea we thought. So Peter tried but couldn’t figure out how to get it. At my suggestion, he reluctantly emailed Jean and, of course, she had the simple answer we needed. So now we have YouTube on our TV.

Will men ever learn that it’s OK to ask for help?

Doubt it.


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Audrey Mitchell

Great idea. I cut the cable cord a long time ago but recently I started streaming through Netflix. When that wasn't enough I got Amazon Prime (during a discount sale - $73 for the first year. Now I want to know how to add YouTube to my TV. I don't have a ten-year-old to ask. Can you (or your neighbor Jean) post the instructions on your blog? It will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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