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Awesome Amy

As 70-something readers may remember, my half-sister’s daughter Amy moved here last summer from Minnesota because her son has metastasized colon cancer, and she and his father, Ken, wanted to be here to help with his young children while he was being treated at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Amy and Ken have made a life for themselves here, balancing care of their grandchildren, new friends, a book club, plenty of table tennis for Ken and more.

Recently, Amy’s mom, my half-sister Florence, decided at age ninety-nine that she wanted to live closer to her daughter. So in addition to everything else, Amy and Ken cleaned out and sold her mother’s apartment in Queens, New York, found her a place here in Boston, got her stuff moved, set up her new apartment, and finally, brought her here from Florida where she had gone to escape the winter.

We hear a lot about the “sandwich generation.” But watching Amy has been inspirational.

When I told her she is awesome, she replied “If I am, it's just that it runs in the family”.


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