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Aunt Ruth at 104

My Aunt Ruth turned 104 in February. I don’t call her much any more because I never know when she’ll be sleeping or have visitors. But, I try to write her regularly so she’ll know that I am thinking of her. Two of her sons call her every day and her third son, who lives near her in Buffalo, visits every day. So she is never out of touch with family.

Last week I actually got a letter from her. There was a note on it from her third son saying that he was the “scribe,” but the following words were hers.

Thanks very much for your letter. I still love to get mail, especially handwritten and not looking to sell me something. I’m glad that you are all doing well. Despite the boredom, I do have happy times with family and friends.


Aunt Ruth

Good to hear that from a 104-year-old.


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How inspiring! It's so encouraging to hear of these wonderful old people. 104 is an amazing old age to be.

Still the Lucky Few

A good choice to write. Phoning would just be frustrating, since, as you say, it's hard to fit in with her schedule. I'm sure she loves your notes, as did my mother, until she died at 94.

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