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Where's the Garlic?

After eight weeks away, Peter couldn’t find the garlic. Why? He looked for it where we kept it in our kitchen in Longboat Key. On our second day back, I forgot to put out the bag of trash we had left in the garage so it didn’t get picked up with the garbage.

At the grocery store, I forgot to buy things that I can’t live without like the mini-peppers for my salad and my gluten-free bagels. Even worse, I couldn’t remember where I had “hidden” my car keys to keep them out of the hands of any burglars who got into the house while we were away.

I had forgotten how bumpy the roads are here in Massachusetts (no frost heaves in Florida) and how treacherous the sidewalks can be. At least one neighbor slipped on the ice and broke her hip while we were away.

Bottom line—I’m glad to be back. Or at least I will be once I remember our wifi password.


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Carol Thompson

This post resonated deeply after two months down south! I still automatically reach for the car keys to turn off the electronic key car we returned to, which needs no key in the ignition. Reminds me that for those of us entering the 'golden years' routine makes life much easier. Also more boring, so it's all about pondering the pros/cons.

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