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Birthday "Boy"

Thursday was Peter’s birthday. He’s well into being old-old. Even without his various conditions, reaching 86 would be something to celebrate. I think his positive and upbeat attitude enables his well-being. It doesn’t hurt that, as I reported to him, just this week, two women told me how handsome he is—still!

I was very excited about my present to him. We had admired a small sculpture in a gallery in Florida. When we got home, I called and ordered it. The gallery agreed to ship it without the gallery name on the package, and although he saw it on the front stoop before I did, he never asked what it was.

When I gave it to him at breakfast Thursday, he didn’t quite have the reaction I expected (namely, jumping up, throwing his arms around me, telling me how clever I was, etc).

So he’s not perfect. But, he’s still a keeper.


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Janet Winsor

Happy birthday to Peter from a fan. It sounds like you experience many "gifts" to one another everyday. Your sculpture gift sounds like something I would have done, with the same response. I'm sure you enjoyed finding a gift you thought he would treasure. I'm sure he did, but didn't want to express it. My husband suffers from the same imperfections.
Thanks for writing.

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