Leaving the 70's
Where's the Garlic?

24/7 with Peter

We’re back home after our two-month escape from winter. We were ready to come back. We had great fun and it was wonderful to be away from the cold. But it was time to resume our normal life.

What I can’t get over is how good every minute with Peter was. We’ve never been away for eight weeks before. With the exception of some long walks with female friends and the time Peter went to see The Revenant with another male (I refused to see such a violent movie.), we were together 24/7. I have thought hard, but I can’t come up with an angry word that we exchanged.

We have a comfortableness together that allows us to be in the same room, writing or reading, and sense when it is time to have a conversation or to go for a walk. I know not to interrupt him when he is writing, and he knows it’s OK to interrupt me.

We are in tune, in sync, in love.


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Swoon... you are a lucky couple..no..I am sure luck has nothing to do it. You two have a great love..so envious..many never achieve such a bond.
Carry on...

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