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Movie Class

I love movies. Always have. But I am a lazy movie-goer, and I let movies wash over me without serious thinking. However, we have recently joined an already-in-progress movie class and the knowledgeable instructor doesn’t allow that. Our first class was about “The Big Short,” a film I didn’t adore. I had very little to say because it had been quite a while since I saw it. But I found the comments of the class members quite insightful.

Our second class assignment was “The Danish Girl.” This time, although we had seen it a month ago, we prepared for class by seeing it a second time. I was astonished by what I had “missed”--words, exquisite photography, deeper meanings-- all resulting in even more admiration for a movie that I loved the first time.

This time, we participated fully in class.

My watching of movies has changed forever.


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