Escaping Winter
Old Friend, New Friend

Trivia Night

There are several hundred units in the condo complex in Florida where we are escaping Boston’s winter. And we knew zero people who live here. So we decided to spend an evening at Trivia Night in the “clubhouse” to meet some folks.

We were assigned to one of six teams of eight with team-chosen-names like Wizards, Newbies, Trivia Titans, etc. competing for the most right answers to twenty tough questions. No smartphones allowed.

Questions included “Name the last five losing vice-presidential candidates” or “Which five states have no cities with populations over 100,000?” There were lots of sports questions (bad for me), movie questions (OK for me) and general questions like “Which continent has no land below sea level?”

People got really into it, and the good-natured Canadians at our table forgave us for the U.S.-centricity of the questions. We had a lot of laughs and made some friends


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