My Old (in Two Senses) Boss

The Older Women in My Life

It’s been two years since I wrote about three amazing older women in my life. Here’s an update:

Aunt Ruth will be 104 next month. Sadly, she is now bedridden, and I keep in touch with her via old-fashioned letters, because I don’t want to telephone her and reach her at a bad time. But she dictates answers through her sons, and she still remembers our birthdays and anniversaries.

My half-sister Florence, whom I met for the first time seventeen years ago, turned 99 in December. She has sold her apartment in Queens, N.Y. where she raised her family and is in Florida for the winter. In the spring, she will move to be near her daughter, but will still have her own apartment.

And Esther, my friend Tina’s mom, who is now 94 continues to amaze everyone. She had more shopping energy than her daughter during Tina’s visit to her last month. When I saw her last summer, she was gracious and funny and sharp. She never complains and offers good advice only when asked. She is my role model.

I love having these extraordinary women in my life.


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Still the Lucky Few

So inspiring! Seems they all led wonderful lives, and are great people. Sometimes you do have to use low tech letters to keep in touch, just as I have to do with a sister who is bi-polar, and can't use a computer. But so worth it!


How wonderful to have such inspiring role models. I feel encouraged, just hearing about them. And one day you will be the role model for those who are a decade or so younger than you.

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