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My Old (in Two Senses) Boss

My boss at the first job I had after college turns eighty-eight this week. How could that be? Especially when I am ten years and one month younger than he is which makes me almost seventy-eight.

I moved to Boston with my roommate after college because she was chasing a guy she had had a summer fling with. She never got him, but she’s been married to a different guy for well over fifty years and we are both still here.

But back to my first job. As I have noted here before, a woman not being married by the time she graduated from college was quite a failure back then. So wearing my new red and green plaid suit with a hat (!!!!)--like my mother would have worn--I managed to convince this now-almost-nonagenarian that I would become indispensable. And I did--for five years.

We’ve remained sort-of friends over the years, but after he got divorced, I saw his wife and her new husband much more often than I saw him.

Although he looks very grandfatherly on Google Images, I can remember him as a young, pipe-smoking, smart lawyer and I can remember how many laughs we had. I’m still close to my then office-mate who has lived in California for years.

Many sweet memories, but oh, so long ago. And such a different time…


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Still the Lucky Few

It was such a different time! Imagine thinking we were old maids if we weren't married by the age of twenty! It wasn't us. It was the pressures of society. What were people afraid of? Possibly of having a lot of gorgeous, single women running around without the stern hand of a husband! There are things I don't like about our current society—but I know some things have improved!

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