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Escaping Winter

Even while I was still working, we managed to get away for part of the short, frigid winter in New England. Last year, after being away most of January, we returned to an unprecedented series of February snowstorms. Just ask anyone from Boston about the winter from hell, aka 2015.

So this year we are staying in Florida through February. New England could still be cold and snowy in March, but at least the days will be longer. Of course, I am fully aware that we are very lucky to be able to drop everything and head south, but we still had mixed feelings when we made this commitment.

And it didn’t help when things got off to a bad start.

In no particular order, our rental car was defective, and we had to wait in our condo until they picked it up and brought us another one. We couldn’t turn on the TV. Our assigned parking space was blocked by a cement barrier, our cell phones didn’t work in the building, we had a hard time figuring out which of the six unidentified keys got us into the building, the elevator, and our condo and to cap it off, our credit card was hacked during our first week, and we had to stay home all day to sign for the delivery of its replacement. The way you let guests into the building had changed, but the instructions in our condo hadn’t. So friends who were picking us up for the theater that first Saturday tried for ten minutes, before calling our (working-at-last) cell phone numbers. Oh, and most important, we spent five hours in the emergency room of the local hospital 48 hours after arriving in Florida.

But the ocean is beautiful, there is a good gym here, and nice people. Worth it?

We’ll see.


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