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I hate our cable provider (who will remain nameless).

We pay it a fortune for a package of TV channels we would never dream of watching and for a landline we shouldn’t need. IF we arranged for a house alarm that doesn’t require a phone, and IF Peter could have his pacemaker checked without a landline, we could just pay for wifi. Both are do-able.

On a recent visit home, the phone drove our son Seth crazy with its endless ringing and announcements of callers, most of whom were robots. When the caller was someone we knew, we had to rush to get it before it went to voice mail. Often we were too late.

When I’ve asked about ditching our landline, our cable company tells me we’d no longer qualify for the “package price” and we’d end up paying the same, or more, for less service.

So our plan is to give up cable altogether, streaming TV through our computer, or using an indoor antenna, that is once we solve the pacemaker/alarm problem.

Once again, technology is a challenge and once again we shall overcome.


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Gay Revi

An excellent, free service---if your cable company is a subscriber to it---is nomorobo.com

Robot calls ring ONCE. That's it. All other calls come through.

Audrey Mitchell

Great idea. I cut the cable line a few years ago but recently started streaming. Streaming is the best idea since sliced bread. I can watch movies, tv programs (my favorite NYPD blue all 12 seasons) and much more I stream both Netflix ($7.99 per month plus tax) and Amazon Prime ($99 per ear) all less than $20 per month. There are some limitations but they far outweigh THAT cable companies package.
Enjoy streaming. It is the best valuewise and viewing wise.
PS...be careful of "binge watching." It can become addictive.

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