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Whatever Happened to Wool?

My gray flannel slacks paired with my (now quite old) navy Brooks Brothers blazer and a striped shirt were the closest I ever came to preppy. And sometimes, that felt good.

So this year, when my gray slacks began to look pathetic, I started a search to replace them. First I tried Brooks Brothers on line (only because I had a coupon to buy one item 40% off) with no luck. Then on Saturday, I scoured Lord and Taylor in person. Their “family and friends” discount meant that Ralph Lauren and Eileen Fisher, notably high end, were possibilities. Calvin Klein and Vince Camuto were also on my list. And yes, I found some gray slacks, but with no waistbands and absolutely no wool.

I haven’t given up yet—there’s an Internet that’s probably full of gray flannel slacks a-waiting. But until my shopping energy is restored, my navy blazer will remain in its cleaning bag.


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I am a long time reader of your blog. Last year I was able to purchase lined, flannel pants at Talbots. Good luck with your quest.

Margie Staggs

And, if those flannel slacks that are a-waiting have a waistband that is near your waist, please let your readers know. That would be a life-changing and ecstatic moment. Good Luck in your search!

Liz Drahman

Hi Judy,

I found gray "wool" slacks at Talbots online and they are having a 40% off deal. The picture shown indicates a waist. Good Luck and Happy New Year!



Hi Judy,
I saw beautiful wool flannel slacks in the Pendleton catalog recently.

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