Bagels or Bust
Resolution Time

What do you do if you have spare moments around the holidays? Clean closets, of course.

Closets always need work. Although we expect to stay in our current home for years, someone will have to empty our closets someday. And I would like to make that as easy as possible, especially since that person will probably be me.

I persuaded Peter to help me clean out the walk-in closet in our guest room that contains rarely-used items like his tuxedo and my formal dresses. First, we examined a device that resembled a Walkman, but wasn’t. Whatever it was, we hadn’t used it in years. We tossed it.

The next item, a soft leather case, contained several re-chargeable batteries and a few one-inch square things that looked like they belonged inside a digital camera. That went in the “save and ask the kids what it is” pile.

We found “Bop-it”, a way-too-noisy-battery-driven game that had shattered the peace and quiet of too many Thanksgivings, but I couldn’t throw it away. About two dozen plastic disk holders came next. They were labeled “back up” and probably were from a computer we don’t own any more. Out they went.

Finally, we decided that our saved front pages of newspapers announcing the election of our first African-American president and the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, had to go to the grandchildren the next time we visit them. Let them store them in their closet.

And that was it for closet cleaning—at least for now.


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Katy Riker

Dear Judy,
I rarely comment, but just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. Every Monday and Friday morning, I feel a little twitch of happiness when I see it in my email. Thanks so very much!

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