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This fall Peter and I audited a class on money, markets and morals. We sat among 700 undergraduates in a large auditorium, and the instructor didn’t mind a dozen or so silent-silver-haired visitors.

The professor is a brilliant teacher. He made the huge classroom seem intimate, calling on students as if it were a small seminar. Remarkably, he remembered the names of those who had spoken in previous classes.

The issues we discussed are complicated. Should you raise the price of snow shovels in a blizzard? Should you be able to pay someone else to take your place if you were drafted into the army? Should you be allowed to sell a parking place you were leaving to the highest bidder over the Internet? Should dwarf-throwing be permitted?

There are no “right” answers, just right questions.

And the discussion never ended when the class did. All the students (and all the auditors) kept talking about the issues as they left the auditorium and walked across the campus.

I’ve taken many courses in my many years. This one was a stand-out.


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