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Five Trips

Last week, we joined our son Seth for five days for the fifth time in his five years of non-stop traveling for his job as The New York Times Frugal Traveler. Where we went will be revealed when his article appears in a couple of months, but previously, we visited Nicaragua, Croatia, Norway and Vancouver, British Columbia with him, all frugally, all wonderful.

Each time we were thrilled to be able to go and we never took it for granted that we would be asked again. Nor did we take it for granted that we would be well enough to travel his way.

Once again, we had a marvelous time. Once again, we were reminded that although children can be less-than-perfect at times, they can be unbelievably kind, generous, thoughtful and loving. Seth was all of this and more as he entertained us and just about everyone we encountered with his amazing sense of humor and charm. And how many lucky couples do you know that get to spend time away from all their responsibilities, putting themselves exclusively into the hands of an experienced “tour leader” who happens to be their son.

Five days wasn’t long, but it was intensely wonderful. And if we ever try to figure what were the highlights of our lives, these trips will be right up there with the best.


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Still the Lucky Few

Well you had something to do with how wonderful he are his parents! Sounds like such an amazing family time..

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