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Body Check (Again)

Although I am a fanatic exerciser, a healthy eater and do whatever I can to stay “young,” the inevitable seems to keep happening and this time the inevitable is arthritis. Sure, my once-broken hip is a bit arthritic, but this was a front-and-center-overnight-appearing swelling of the first joint of my right index finger. It doesn’t hurt; it just bulges.

Then there is my newly-discovered-dry-eye problem. Counter-intuitively, when your eyes tear excessively, it means you have dry eyes. On a scale of ten, if ten is very dry, my eyes are an eleven, according to my ophthalmologist. If the wind whispers, my eyes weep. If it’s below sixty degrees when I am riding my bike, tears roll down my face. Now, a tiny bottle of fake tears accompanies me wherever I go. I’m new at this so chances are about 50-50 that I’ll actually get the drops in my eyes five times a day.

And have I mentioned that the veins in my hands are much more prominent? Did you know that “vain” ladies hold their forearms up to hide this? Try it.

None of these things are life-threatening. They’re just reminders that time marches on. And luckily, so do I.


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Still the Lucky Few

The appearance of arthritis is a bit troubling, although it looks like the very early stages, and it may, after all, not be arthritis. You take such good care of yourself, but it's good to be vigilant! When new things turn up, I always take myself to the doctor to check them out! Have a great Christmas, Judy!

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