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On Friday, I had an unexpected two-hour window in my over-scheduled life.  Normally, I would jump into a project from my long to-do list. But there was something about the way the sun was shining on my favorite reading spot that I couldn’t resist.  So for the first time since I retired two years ago, I spent a morning stretched out on the sofa, bathed in sunlight, reading for the pleasure of reading.

It helped that I was reading Thirteen Ways of Looking, by Colum McCann, who wrote one of my all-time-favorite books (Let the Great World Spin).  Thirteen Ways… is a collection of stories, beginning with a 143-page novella about a retired judge, ravaged by old age and the loss of his wife.  It is funny and sad and just plain wonderful.

I had to get to a one o’clock meeting or I would have read all day. 



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A sunny spot and a good book! A combination that's hard to beat!

Still the Lucky Few

I do this periodically—just laze about for hours reading. What pure pleasure! About that to-do dusting one of the items? If so, strike it off! Reading is much more important than dusting. lol

Elizabeth Drahman

I spent yesterday, including the late evening, reading Thirteen Ways of Looking. It broke my heart and thrilled me with the writing genius of Calum McCann. His books always pull me right in and keep me in his world for every precious moment. Then, I watched (I'm an insomniac) a film called "A Borrowed Identity" about a young Arab boy growing into a man and trying to live up to his father's expectations. The story takes place mostly in Jerusalem and my end of the week was complete with feeling like the world is a wonderful, tragic and complex place filled with people who I wish I could know. I am not feeling guilty anymore about spending my time reading and watching films. Reading is my favorite activity and I'm lucky that I now have the time to catch up after so many years of having to read professional journals for work. So happy to see that we had the same reading experience just yesterday!


Thank you for the book recommendation. I have put it on my list. The title reminds me of the collection of short stories by RIchard Yates, "11 Kinds of Loneliness"

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