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November at the Reservoir

We’ve been enjoying a balmy November.  And so have the many dogs and their owners who make their way around our nearby reservoir.  On Saturday, despite heavy winds, enough brilliant red and orange leaves were left on the trees that cell phones snapped pictures right and left.  (Well, there was one disappointing sight—a young father, pushing his two year-old in a stroller with one hand, head down staring at his cell phone, oblivious to his surroundings and his daughter.)

The highlight of our walk:  Two dog owners with irresistible small dogs.  A little girl climbed out of her stroller and, with the approval of her mom, placed her own “dog,” a stuffed toy terrier that looked quite real, on the ground to play with its “friends.”   Both dogs sniffed the toy dog and turned away.  The adorable little girl looked mystified by the rejection. 

Peter’s comment about the child:  “Being cute is how they earn their living.” That’s true for dogs too.



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Still the Lucky Few

I have a grand niece (Is that even a term!) who is learning the art of being cute at ten months. She earns a very good living!

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