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My "New and Improved" Broom

I loved my old broom and its matching long-handled dustpan. They locked together like a happy couple spooning.

I had trouble finding a similar one when I had to replace it. But when I finally did, I was delighted to see the sticker on the dustpan boasting of its ability to capture the smallest crumb the broom encounters.

On a recent morning, I noticed tiny peas all over the kitchen floor, a result of Peter’s botched effort to break off a portion from a frozen package. When I tried to sweep them up, they refused to go into the dustpan.  I couldn’t believe it.  I finally had to pick them up pea by pea.

I have often found that “new and improved” means “we found a way to make it more cheaply”.  But why boast that your product does something it absolutely fails to do?

Why do I even ask?


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Still the Lucky Few

Everything's fair in love and advertising. Nobody takes companies up to task for what they say. We used to take the time to do that. It didn't always work, but we felt we were doing our duty!

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