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Mother vs. Son

In my fifties and sixties, I published dozens of travel articles in The Boston Globe and other publications.  True, I did not write nearly as many as our son Seth writes as The New York Times' Frugal Traveler, and they weren’t as good (except for "Mother and Son on Safari" which we wrote jointly for the Globe). None-the-less, he was not the first travel writer in the family. 

Anyhow, seven years ago, I started this blog which is much more fun than travel writing. 

A year ago, Seth started a You-Tube channel Amigo Gringo, that gives Brazilians (and others) tips about navigating New York City. Many thousands view his twice-weekly videos.  He gets stopped on the streets of New York or Rio or São Paulo by people who recognize him from the videos or his TV guest appearances.

I, on the other hand, get stopped by strangers in grocery stores who ask, “Aren’t you Judy Kugel? I recognize you from your blog.”

But it’s not a mother versus son contest.  Or is it?  


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Still the Lucky Few

Congratulations on seven years of blogging! I have just started (in my 76th year!), so who knows how long I have to do this. I'm still learning about the technical side of the business, and am currently working on improving my SEO. I think that someone like you, who has an established following, doesn't need to worry about securing more contacts.

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