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When Plans Go Awry, Part II

When Plans Go Awry, Part I

Last week was hectic.  After a long weekend away, there was a lot to do in a short week that ended on a Friday, jam-packed with commitments, including company for dinner.  So naturally I welcomed Saturday as my catch up day.  Laundry, email, making gluten-free granola and working a couple of hours on a consulting project were on my to-do list.

But that didn’t happen. 

You see, we wanted to put Peter on my cellphone plan and upgrade him from his stone-age phone to one that would let him dictate texts and emails, something that would be incredibly helpful for him.  I had planned no more than an hour for this activity, but it turned out that we were in the T-Mobile store for three hours.  Chalk it up to a new salesperson’s lack of experience and Peter’s unhelpful former provider.  (It took us 45-minutes to get them to give us the account number T-Mobile needed to transfer his phone number.)

Why am I relating this?  Because stuff happens, and my reaction was what bothered me the most. I was increasingly annoyed, frustrated and at moments close to tears.  Nobody was hurt, the phone upgrade will be wonderful for Peter and somehow everything will get done.

But pity the man who had to spend the rest of the day with a grumpy wife.  And, by the way, it has nothing to do with the fact that his new phone is light-years ahead of mine!   



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