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Building Body AND Vocabulary

Normally, I wear a loose T-shirt and black exercise capris when Kathy, our trainer, comes to our house.  But on Saturday I wore my body-clinging-sleeveless-scooped-neck exercise top (and black exercise capris).

I eagerly showed Kathy my “wall angels” because I’ve worked hard on them and have really improved.  Her comment?  “Judy, you have ripped deltoids!!”

She was stunned by the puzzled look on my face.  She explained that “ripped” means high muscle-definition.  In other words, I am very cool (for an old lady).  She added that “jacked” is another word for having well-developed muscles.

Improved vocabulary is just one more reason to keep exercising.



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Ha ha! If it was me I'd be alarmed at having any of my muscles 'ripped'. I enjoy the way you keep living and learning.

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