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Remember when coffee was bad for you?  No more.  Now studies show that coffee may offer protection from a variety of cancers. 

As a child, I had whole milk plus additional cream on my breakfast cereal.  As a grown up, I reluctantly turned to skim milk because it was “better” for me.  But now, a study shows that people who drank more milk fat had a lower incidence of heart disease.  So back to whole milk I go, happily.

But what really got to me is a new study ( that indicates that taking calcium doesn’t improve bone health.  Celiac disease (from which I suffer) wreaks havoc on your bones, so I have taken large doses of calcium and vitamin D for almost sixteen years.  Have I have lugged calcium supplements with me all over the world for nothing? 

I’ll report back after I visit the endocrinologist next month.



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Diane Dahli

It's getting really difficult to keep up with the latest research in the health field. I'd like to ignore the whole thing, but find I'm always intrigued enough to delve in and end up reading the whole report. Many times, it doesn't really apply to me, but I guess it adds up to my store of information. I've also taken calcium for years, and now am dismayed by this latest report. My physician advised that I cut back, which I have. Thanks for this post. Always a great read! If you visit my blog, I'd love you to subscribe! Thanks!

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