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"Memorable" Vacation Moments

Two lingering memories of our vacation that don’t have much to do with what we saw and learned:

First, there was our new friend Roger, a charming southern gentleman. After a rigorous hike through the Škocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Slovenia, Roger told me how impressed he was with Peter (and me) and asked if I minded telling him Peter’s age.

Proudly, I told him that Peter is eighty-five. Then I made the mistake of asking him how old he thought Peter’s wife was.  Roger replied “eighty-three”. 

So much for his southern charm. :-(

After a long day of walking in Prague earlier on our trip, we were heading to a restaurant recommended for pig knuckles.  I was feeling a bit ache-y.  “How did I get to be so old and creaky?” I moaned.

Peter replied, “With good luck.” :-)



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I do enjoy the delightful conversation snippets from you and Peter. A sense of humour is a great asset — even a necessity — as we age, don't you think?

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