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Doctor Season

My annual doctor appointments are clustered in the fall.  It just happens to work out that way.  But two appointments the day after Labor Day?  What was I thinking?

8:30 a.m: to my ophthalmologist, a tiny powerhouse of a woman.  Since my cataract surgery several years ago, she checks my eyes annually.  The good news is all is well; the less good news in that I have aging spots on my retina that we have to watch. She also recommended using eye drops for my dry eyes and urged me to see my optometrist to be sure my glasses are just right.

1:30 p.m: to meet my new internist for an annual checkup. She grilled me on all my habits (mostly good) and pronounced me healthy.  However, I’ve lost two inches of height and she is worried about my bone strength negatively affecting my spine.  So I have to see an endocrinologist who may prescribe a dreaded-by-me osteoporosis drug.

I’m lucky to have good and caring doctors in this era of corporate healthcare.  But how did two appointments turn into four?  Maybe it’s because I'm 70-something.





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You are just joining the club..I am 71..and I also have some of these things..but not all..it is called aging..and we must do it with grace..or not..I personally am going to go kicking and screaming into the next world..

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

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Ina Puustinen-Westerholm

I just had..a basic 'whacha call this thing' visit..with my GP..yesterday. Tutns out..I needed xrays, and then..time to consider the size and dimensions..of the 'sorta like a catarpiller size"..growth..under the skin..low sider..left foot. No cancer return..blessedly..just inept hopping off a big, old riding lawn mower..too coffee'd up..to care. It may reabsorb, and it may stay..but..as I have friends who have a grandson..is a Dr. of oriental medicine.. I think I shall ask him..to see if it can be..reduced/ in size. No pain..no other problems..just..I now have a curious..bit..to watch over. With your loss of 2 inches (at 77 and 10 months..me too) I find myself..having to ..retrain myself..as to some motions. Have you had ways of..dealing with that..in your life? Ina

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