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Kathy (Again)

“70-something” readers have heard me praise Kathy, our personal trainer who comes to us every two months.  We tell Kathy what hurts and she tells us what to do to fix it.

Kathy sees us on the weekends because she has a full-time job in a gym where she has worked for twenty years.  Or, where she did have a full-time job for twenty years.  It seems that the owners of the gym decided to close the branch she worked for.  They told her one recent Monday morning that she and her colleagues no longer had jobs.  Effective immediately.

Kathy offered to work for the rest of the week without pay so that she could say goodbye to her patients and help them make other plans. The owners declined her offer, and turned off her email account.  But not before Kathy downloaded her patients’ email addresses so she could say good-bye and help them make other plans.

The owners of her gym were surprised that her first thoughts would be of others.

We weren’t.


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