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A(nother) Bullet Dodged

Things can change in a millisecond.  But at 70-something, they seem to change way too often.  In the last few months, two close friends (plus Peter) have tripped on uneven sidewalks and mashed their faces.  No permanent damage, but a reminder that our balance isn’t what it used to be, and we need to pay close attention.  Every second.

When my dermatologist discovered something suspicious on my face in early July and told me that she was 90% sure that it wasn’t skin cancer, but would biopsy it anyway, I didn’t give it a second thought.

Until she called me while we were on our road trip to say that it was a basal cell carcinoma that needed to be removed.  She quickly told me that the cure rate was very good and that there was no hurry as it was small and would grow slowly. 

Sixteen days later, I had Mohs surgery by a skilled surgeon who was pleased with the outcome. Besides some restrictions on what I could do for ten days and an unsightly bandage on my face, I seemed to have dodged a(nother) bullet.



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Pinko Grammy

I recently have experienced the same, leaving a new and to me shoutingly large scrape across my cheek that has changed the landscape of my face. This has caused me to thing heavily on the "face" we present and how that changes in transition to the third stage. Does it change? Mine surely did, both physically and now I think emotionally I am different, more confident if not quite as quick, less social and more introspective, jealous of my time. Many things about growing older are very hard, and I am interested in what kind of a face we are putting on for it. Read considerations at my blog,

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