Road Trip

Maryland Saturday

When Katrina, our daughter-in-law, went to visit her mom for five days, Peter and I took over her day job, consisting pretty much of driving our grandchildren, eight-year old Grady and eleven-year-old Leo, to their week-day summer activities.  The kids were great and they made it easy.  But there was never a moment that I wasn’t aware of the precious cargo I was driving around an area I didn’t know.  I couldn’t have done it without Google Maps.

On Saturday, I joined our son Jeremy and his son Leo for their errands to get haircuts and go shopping at Costco.  When we got in the car, Jeremy remembered that it was July 11 and that meant free Slurpees at any 7-Eleven store.  (Why a child of mine would know about this annual event beats me!)  So the haircuts were delayed while we stopped for their free Sour Patch Watermelon Slurpees, a slushy carbonated beverage that I wouldn’t drink for a million dollars.

Later, while they got haircuts, I struck up a conversation with a lady waiting for her haircut.  She told me that she had broken her arm in five places and was just back at work after five months.  She managed to get her full pay because her fellow government employees donated their paid leave time to her.  She is on her own and thinks she will have to work forever.  She was lovely and I understood why her fellow workers would give up their leave time for her.

A whirlwind trip through Costco followed.  Not my usual Saturday, but no complaints. 


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