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Fifty years and three days ago, a nice man gave a perfect stranger a ride to his office.  The perfect stranger needed transportation to her new job because her red Volkswagen Beetle hadn’t arrived at the dealer on time and there was no available public transportation. Human resources at the firm arranged the pickup at the subway station in Harvard Square.

It must have been a “sign” when that nice man picked her up in his red Volkswagen Beetle.  He and I have had fifty amazing years together (albeit only forty-seven of them as man and wife).

When I reminded Peter of our milestone, he gave me a big smile.  I climbed onto his lap and shed tears of joy.



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Happy Anniversary!

Norman Ellis

Congratulations. We have another year to go before our fiftieth (we did marry at a rather young age!).
Where has all the time gone?


Happy Anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog and want to wish you both all the best.


How romantic! A lovely post, thank you.

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