Puppy Love
Puppy Love, Part II--The Rejection

The Fall

As I was driving home from an all-day meeting, my cell phone rang.  It was my neighbor calling to tell me that Peter had tripped on the sidewalk in front of her house.  He was OK, but bleeding a lot and had refused to let her take him to the hospital.  He told her not to call me, an instruction she was in the middle of disobeying.

Fifteen minutes later, I got home and took my bleeding husband to urgent care at our health plan.  They cleaned him up, closed the deep cut on the bridge of his nose with Steri-strips and sent us home with ice packs and instructions to come back in the morning. 

Because Peter takes a blood thinner, the bleeding was excessive, although not life-threatening and now, ten days later, an observer might not immediately assume that he had an unfortunate encounter with a revolving door.

But this is more than a tale of a mis-step.  It is a reminder that life can change in the blink of an eye.  Peter will pay more attention to his walking.  He will get physical therapy to improve his gait.  And I will worry more than ever.



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