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Seeking Shade

June suits me. I haven’t stopped loving that it’s “not winter.”  I am just plain happy.  The trees are greener, the sky is bluer and the daylight is longer.

But I do try to avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day. On our walks around the reservoir, I find myself moving back and forth to the shady side of the path. It was very hot the other day so as we climbed the hilly part, I appreciated the momentary respite of the tree-offered shade.

It reminded me of our bicycle trip in France’s Dordogne Valley in 1989, a quarter of a century ago.  There was a heat wave and the Dordogne is hilly.  I welcomed the few seconds of shade each tree provided as we climbed.  When our tour leader passed by in the van, he threw bottles of water for us to pick up at the side of the road.

It seems like yesterday.


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Oh yes, I know all about seeking shade. What a lovely memory. I remember the avenues of trees on French roads in the heat of June, and how I wanted every patch of shade to last forever! Here in New Zealand it's winter so I'm doing the opposite and looking for the sunny patches.

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