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Puppy Love, Part II--The Rejection


It’s been more than fifty years since a romance of mine has failed.  So I wasn’t prepared for Molly, our kids’ new puppy, to reject me. 

If you look at her picture above (which I am including in response to reader requests), you can see why I find her irresistible.  When we met in March, we established a strong bond.  I gave her treats.  I took her for walks.  And as I reported in an earlier blog post, she whined when we left.  I thought our relationship was solid.

But when we visited our kids last weekend, I couldn’t do anything right for Molly.  She wouldn’t come out of her crate for me in the morning.  She ignored me and focused her attention on other dogs and squirrels when we walked.  And when we came home, she only had eyes for her immediate family.

Unrequited love is never easy.


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Oh, but it's *her* who is feeling rejected. She fell for you and then you left!!! Now she sticks with those who have proven more reliable. Smart *and* handsome.

(Our cat hates it when one of us leaves. Upon the person's return, she will come running, but not to greet them. Instead, she will pointedly turn around and march off in a huff. Then she will be very affectionate with the person who stayed home for the next couple of hours, rewarding loyalty.)

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