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Snow Angels

We hadn’t seen Kathy, our trainer, since early February when she gave me an exercise that I hate. But I do what Kathy tells me to do.  So, despite the pain, I stand against a wall, feet shoulder-width apart, arms at a 90-degree angle against the wall, chin down and do what was so easy as a kid—make snow angels on the wall.

Kathy told me to do fifteen repetitions a day, and now, three months later, I can barely do five.  It hurts.

On this visit, seeing how poorly I was doing with my angels, she suggested that I put a pillow behind my head.  I told her that I felt ridiculous, although it did help.  She offered to take a picture of me—to quote her—“for your blog”.  If you saw me, you would understand my response.

“No way.”


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Just tried it. Sounds easy. It isn't.

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