Coda to Mother's Day

Moving On

Although it now seems like ancient history, my transition from the job I loved for so many years wasn’t an easy one.  At first, I avoided most of my former colleagues.  I needed time to separate. Once I found my new rhythm, it was easier to be with them. 

But the real test came the other night at a reception and dinner to honor the dean who was going back to teaching after eleven years of exemplary leadership.  People came from near and far to pay tribute.  Prominent invitees who couldn’t make it delivered their words of appreciation by video on two huge screens.  The dean’s daughters spoke. His colleagues spoke.  Big donors spoke. 

I chatted with alumni, faculty, administrative colleagues and friends.  Former deans hugged me, current faculty hugged me.  The whole event was joyful, and I had a wonderful time.

More important, it was a “been there, done that” moment.  I have moved on.


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