Facebook Frenzy


We don’t give many dinner parties these days.  "Company" for dinner usually means one couple.  We like it that way.

But we made an exception recently, thanks to a great idea of Peter’s.  We have close friends who live in Concord, about thirty minutes away.  Recently, we met two other couples that also live in Concord.  We met one when vacationing in Florida, and the other because they are the parents of our son Seth’s Frugal Traveler predecessor. We thought it was a shame that neither of our newer acquaintances knew the other or our “old” friends.

So we invited them all to dinner. 

At first they talked with each about their backgrounds (and at our age there was a lot of ground to cover), but by the time we sat down to eat, the conversation broadened.  We were still going strong three hours later.

We think we did a nice thing for six people in Concord.  But even better, we had a great time doing it.


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What a nice way to extend your circle. It's so satisfying to put people together who have so much to share and talk about.

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