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For Mother's Day

Scott Simon, the award-winning host of Weekend Edition Saturday is a legend on National Public Radio. His new book, Unforgettable, a Son, a Mother and the Lessons of a Lifetime, was inspired by his days at his dying mother’s bedside in intensive care in the summer of 2013.  An inveterate tweeter, Simon shared his mother’s last days with his 1.25 million followers.  Those tweets led to his memoir about an “unforgettable” woman. 

Simon says:

“…a mother’s death is an irreplaceable loss.  Spouses and friends may nag us in a friendly (or not so) way.  No one else can tell us with the matchless mandate of a mother that we have worn the wrong shirt, done the wrong thing, worked too many hours or been unfair to someone who deserves better.

A mother’s death also makes us realize that we’re next.  It resets the clock we keep on our own lives.  It reminds us not to let our best loves, dreams, vows and promises dry up and die. 

It is necessary to lose our mothers to finally grow up There is no need to hurry this along.  It happens too soon in any case.  But there is some wisdom we can’t learn until our mothers have let go.  There are lessons that only loss, grief and responsibility can give us.  Our mothers know this too, and the thought even gives them comfort.  They will take a seat and watch us as they once watched our first steps or school plays until that day (which also comes too soon) that we let go of the hands of our children and join our mothers.  They pour everything they are into us and then stand us on our own."

Happy Mother’s Day



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I enjoyed this blog, with the quote from Scott Simon's book. I do exactly what he describes with my son - nice to have it appreciated as sometimes I think I shouldn't comment on those things, like the wrong shirt etc.
I've posted the link on my Facebook Books page, and hope this is Ok with you. I'd love to let others know about your blog which is always to the point, and succinct (I don't read long-winded stuff online)!
You can take a look at the page on this link:

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