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70% of Americans say they prefer to die at home.  Yet 70% of Americans die in hospitals, nursing homes or long-term care facilities.  There’s something wrong with this picture.  

We may never get it just right, but people are beginning to talk about how we might come closer to meeting end-of-life wishes for all ages.

Which brings me to The Conversation Project. 

Founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ellen Goodman, The Conversation Project (TCP) is a national campaign dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.  TCP doesn’t have a view about the decisions that people should make.  It just wants us to talk about them and decide what works for us while we can.

The Conversation Project offers a “Starter Kit” to help us initiate this discussion with our loved ones.  It’s like seeing a lawyer to prepare your will.  Not fun, but necessary.

Peter and I downloaded the Starter Kit, and talked.  We thought we were already clear about our wishes, and it turns out that we had thought of most things in earlier conversations.  But not all. 

I urge you to visit TCP’s website at and start your own conversation.



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