Thin Skins

Sweet Endings

My love affair with coffee ice cream continues.  With a gun to my head, I would choose cinnamon or coconut.  But our freezer always has two quarts of coffee just in case the local Trader Joe’s runs out. 

I don’t eat it every night since ice cream is not a healthy choice (although I plan to start daily consumption on my 80th birthday). But because I crave something sweet at the end of dinner, I have a couple of cookies on non-ice cream nights. 

My favorite is a gluten-free oatmeal-raisin cookie that I buy from our trainer Kathy’s mother-in-law.  The trouble is that they are only sold in stores in New Hampshire, and I only get them once every other month when Kathy comes to our house.

I freeze a bunch and take out two at a time.  I microwave them for thirty seconds.  I eat them slowly, savoring each chewy bite.  I finished my current supply yesterday.

I told Peter they are “the coffee ice cream of cookies.”




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